The Busy Man’s Way of Cooking 3 Fried Eggs

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Every man should learn how to cook eggs. You may find yourself in a situation in which you are hungry and no one is around to cook for you. When this happens to me, I cook something quick, easy and filling: 3 fried eggs.

Eggs are one of God’s greatest gifts to man for a variety of reasons. They’re full of nutrition and protein, they’re easy to cook and they taste great. Eating 3 eggs is enough to be satiating but it’s not so much that you get weighed down after eating.

As a confirmed businessman of leisure, I’ve had to learn how to cook eggs the hard way, deep in the trenches of a kitchen with no one but myself to learn from. I’ve been through hell and back learning to cook eggs as efficiently as possible.

How to cook eggs the right way every time

Many people have trouble cooking eggs and having them turn out perfectly every time. Eggs can be very temperamental and one second too early or too late and they aren’t as good as they should be.

To fix this problem of eggs never being the same, simply accept that no two eggs will ever cook in the exact same way. An egg will always cook like an egg, not the way you want it to every time. There is no reason to fret over “ruined” eggs which are still edible.

A busy man will eat his fried eggs regardless of what they look like because fuel is fuel. An egg will cook how it will cook. Your job is to provide the best possible way to cook it, but an egg will always cook like an egg.

How to cook 3 fried eggs when you’re busy

There are many different ways to prepare eggs, but for men of business like us, there are only two ways to prepare eggs: fast and easy. Any other kind of egg preparation is for hedonists.

We want to cook them as quickly as possible and make them as tasty as possible using the least amount of ingredients, utensils and time as possible. This is how we do it…

4 ingredients needed to cook fried eggs:

  • Eggs – You can use any eggs you like. I personally use large organic brown eggs.
  • Butter – Any butter will do. Ghee will work as well. I personally use unsalted butter.
    Be careful cooking with butter because it can catch fire, it has happened to me and it catches you off guard.
  • Salt – Any table salt will do. I like to use pink himalayan sea salt, but I will also use common table salt any time.
  • Black pepper – Any black pepper will do. I personally like a peppercorn grinder style of black pepper.

The subtle art of adding salt and pepper

Always add salt and pepper to your eggs while they are cooking in the frying pan. You never want to add salt and pepper to your eggs after they have been cooked because the eggs won’t have the same flavor as when the salt and pepper is cooked into the eggs.

Cooking utensils needed:

To cook fried eggs you need only a stove, hotplate or other hot surface to cook on and these 4 utensils:

  • Frying pan
  • Spatula
  • Plate
  • Fork

Note that yes, you do need a plate. You cannot eat fried eggs directly from the pan because if you leave them in the hot frying pan, they will continue cooking. Eventually, they will be overcooked. I tend to use paper plates so I can just throw them away when I’m finished eating.

How to cook fried eggs 

Step 1. Turn on the stovetop cooker to slightly more than medium heat and coat your pan with butter.

Turn on the pan but do not add butter right away. After about a minute or two, depending on your stove, the pan will be hot enough to start adding butter. To check the heat of the pan, place your hand directly above the frying pan (not on the frying pan!)

When you feel the pan radiating heat, you add enough butter to coat the pan thoroughly. Do not add so much butter that you have too much and it impedes the cooking of your eggs. A thick layer of butter will make it take longer to cook your fried eggs. Use just enough butter to coat all empty spaces of the pan and no more.

Step 2. Add the eggs to the hot, buttered frying pan.

After your pan has been coated with butter, you can crack your eggs and add them to the pan in a triangle shape. As the eggs begin to cook is when you add a pinch of salt (not too much, just enough to taste) and a fair amount of black pepper.

Step 3. Let the eggs cook peacefully, they will be done when they are done.

While cooking fried eggs you do not need to do anything extra, you simply wait for the eggs to finish cooking. Depending on your stove, you may have to turn you pan halfway through to get an even cook.

Step 4. When the fried eggs have nearly finished cooking, turn off the heat and remove them from the frying pan with a spatula.

Put them on your plate and allow them to sit in peace for 3-5 minutes, they will continue to cook for a few more moments. If you eat your eggs any time before the 3-5 minute mark, you will be eating eggs that are too hot and you won’t be able to enjoy the taste.

How to tell when the fried eggs have finished cooking

The eggs have finished cooking when there is no more slimy white part and the yolk has been cooked approximately 30%. The yolk should be in-between runny and hard, with just enough firmness to eat with a fork.

Hard yolks taste like chalk and runny yolks are impossible to eat without using bread to soak them up. When the yolks are cooked 30% they are easy and tasty to eat. When you cook fried eggs in the way of Pride you are completely efficient and you need nothing extra.

You may eat your 3 fried eggs with no worries of side-dishes or extra ingredients or foods. The busy man’s way of cooking fried eggs is complete, and any extra step is unnecessary.

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