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Every man should learn how to cook eggs. You may find yourself in a situation in which you are hungry and no one is around to cook for you. When this happens to me, I cook something quick, easy and filling: 3 fried eggs.

Eggs are one of God’s greatest gifts to man for a variety of reasons. They’re full of nutrition and protein, they’re easy to cook and they taste great. Eating 3 eggs is enough to be satiating but it’s not so much that you get weighed down after eating.

As a confirmed businessman of leisure, I’ve had to learn how to cook eggs the hard way, deep in the trenches of a kitchen with no one but myself to learn from. I’ve been through hell and back learning to cook eggs as efficiently as possible.

How to cook eggs the right way every time

Many people have trouble cooking eggs and having them turn out perfectly every time. Eggs can be very temperamental and one second too early or too late and they aren’t as good as they should be.

To fix this problem of eggs never being the same, simply accept that no two eggs will ever cook in the exact same way. An egg will always cook like an egg, not the way you want it to every time. There is no reason to fret over “ruined” eggs which are still edible.

A busy man will eat his fried eggs regardless of what they look like because fuel is fuel. An egg will cook how it will cook. Your job is to provide the best possible way to cook it, but an egg will always cook like an egg.

How to cook 3 fried eggs when you’re busy

There are many different ways to prepare eggs, but for men of business like us, there are only two ways to prepare eggs: fast and easy. Any other kind of egg preparation is for hedonists.

We want to cook them as quickly as possible and make them as tasty as possible using the least amount of ingredients, utensils and time as possible. This is how we do it…

4 ingredients needed to cook fried eggs:

  • Eggs – You can use any eggs you like. I personally use large organic brown eggs.
  • Butter – Any butter will do. Ghee will work as well. I personally use unsalted butter.
    Be careful cooking with butter because it can catch fire, it has happened to me and it catches you off guard.
  • Salt – Any table salt will do. I like to use pink himalayan sea salt, but I will also use common table salt any time.
  • Black pepper – Any black pepper will do. I personally like a peppercorn grinder style of black pepper.

The subtle art of adding salt and pepper

Always add salt and pepper to your eggs while they are cooking in the frying pan. You never want to add salt and pepper to your eggs after they have been cooked because the eggs won’t have the same flavor as when the salt and pepper is cooked into the eggs.

Cooking utensils needed:

To cook fried eggs you need only a stove, hotplate or other hot surface to cook on and these 4 utensils:

  • Frying pan
  • Spatula
  • Plate
  • Fork

Note that yes, you do need a plate. You cannot eat fried eggs directly from the pan because if you leave them in the hot frying pan, they will continue cooking. Eventually, they will be overcooked. I tend to use paper plates so I can just throw them away when I’m finished eating.

How to cook fried eggs 

Step 1. Turn on the stovetop cooker to slightly more than medium heat and coat your pan with butter.

Turn on the pan but do not add butter right away. After about a minute or two, depending on your stove, the pan will be hot enough to start adding butter. To check the heat of the pan, place your hand directly above the frying pan (not on the frying pan!)

When you feel the pan radiating heat, you add enough butter to coat the pan thoroughly. Do not add so much butter that you have too much and it impedes the cooking of your eggs. A thick layer of butter will make it take longer to cook your fried eggs. Use just enough butter to coat all empty spaces of the pan and no more.

Step 2. Add the eggs to the hot, buttered frying pan.

After your pan has been coated with butter, you can crack your eggs and add them to the pan in a triangle shape. As the eggs begin to cook is when you add a pinch of salt (not too much, just enough to taste) and a fair amount of black pepper.

Step 3. Let the eggs cook peacefully, they will be done when they are done.

While cooking fried eggs you do not need to do anything extra, you simply wait for the eggs to finish cooking. Depending on your stove, you may have to turn you pan halfway through to get an even cook.

Step 4. When the fried eggs have nearly finished cooking, turn off the heat and remove them from the frying pan with a spatula.

Put them on your plate and allow them to sit in peace for 3-5 minutes, they will continue to cook for a few more moments. If you eat your eggs any time before the 3-5 minute mark, you will be eating eggs that are too hot and you won’t be able to enjoy the taste.

How to tell when the fried eggs have finished cooking

The eggs have finished cooking when there is no more slimy white part and the yolk has been cooked approximately 30%. The yolk should be in-between runny and hard, with just enough firmness to eat with a fork.

Hard yolks taste like chalk and runny yolks are impossible to eat without using bread to soak them up. When the yolks are cooked 30% they are easy and tasty to eat. When you cook fried eggs in the way of Pride you are completely efficient and you need nothing extra.

You may eat your 3 fried eggs with no worries of side-dishes or extra ingredients or foods. The busy man’s way of cooking fried eggs is complete, and any extra step is unnecessary.

If you liked this recipe, you will love the Old School Steak and Eggs recipe.

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I have often talked of the power of working hard for 6 months. What you can accomplish in 6 months can provide rapid growth for your career as a ronin rebel or as a businessman.

It was back in ’12 that I did the first nose-to-grind 6 month period of work, and that 6 months of solid work was worth 5 years of good business to me.

I just got to the end of another 6 month period of total, solid and complete work. I expect this 6 month period to propel me forward another 5 years.

In NWR you will hear constant talk of ‘level changes’. A level change is a type of work that makes you more money, or otherwise “brings you to another level.”

The power of a 6 month work session is undeniable and it is something that has been essential to my work. My first 6 month session was worth a million dollars to me, in my mind and in my bank account. 

The power of this current 6 month work session is unknown millions. I am not saying this to brag, as I have stopped caring about money as a way to buy things a long time ago.

I say this to stress the importance of working hard and creating the work that pays the bills. In New World Ronin you will read about 2 types of work:

  1. Black & White Work
  2. Full Color Work

Black & White Work is the work we do every day that continues and maintains business. It is the work that can be done with a set of clear instructions. B&W work is the momentum of a business.

Full Color Work is the work that creates the business in the first place. Full Color Work does not come with instructions. It is the type of work that can only come from one person or an enlightened team. Full Color Work is the 1st spark that starts the momentum.

To continue and maintain business it is obviously essential to do both types of work. But to “jump a level” it is necessary to go deep into the Full Color Work and go all out. 

My personal philosophy is do Full Color Work until you can’t go no mo’. Then you switch gears to normal, every-day work – the Black & White work of routine maintenance etc. 

I understand many think the content of B&D has suffered the past 6 months. I understand that many think I disappeared. That’s because the content did suffer and I did disappear. 

Here’s what happened: I created enough work to last another 5 years. Specifically I wrote three complete books, untold articles, several book drafts, several thousand pages of notes, uncovered 2 secrets of life (breathe air better and move your body), re-found a true life purpose and I created a completely new world in NWR. 

A guiding principle of NWR is the Way of Always Moving Forward. Or as Louie Simmons says, ‘if you don’t constantly change, you don’t get no better’.

Regarding what New World Ronin actually is; complete craziness. It is the notebook of the mad professor. Mad professor’s can predict the future and I have 2 predictions.

Here is my 1st prediction: NWR is going to be misunderstood at first because it simply is nothing like anything that has been released.

Here is my 2nd prediction: New World Ronin is going to create more work for up and coming ronin that all of my work on B&D combined.

You can take a look at amazon any time and see a dozen different copycats of 30 Days of Discipline. You can read through the blog world to find many copycats of B&D. I often get emails from people pointing out new copycats, but I never cared.

I never understood why people hated copycats so much. I always saw my work as a way of giving someone purpose. To be copied is to give someone purpose.

Inspiring people is the best feeling in the world and I have always been a soldier of that mission. B&D has been copied countless times, but I did something very different with NWR. It really is the notebook of the mad professor.

On any individual page of New World Ronin are ideas that are going to spark the fire of creativity for the people who are stuck in a rut – the ronin, rebels, cast-aways and everyday Joe and Jane.  

Earlier, I said a created a new life purpose and I did. My mission is to take someone who does not have a reason to wake up in the morning and give them a reason to wake up and be excited for the day.

The spark of entrepreneurship has to start somewhere and if you are just staring out in the game, it is not being a copycat – it is called being inspired. Inside the book are many, many sparks that will create that fire. 

I always say, if I get one idea from a book then it was worth it. I put one idea on every page of New World Ronin.

Until tomorrow.

Your man,
-Victor Pride

PS – Here is the cover of New World Ronin.


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From the desk of Victor Pride
Subj: The madness of NWR

Boys, I know you are waiting for the NWR to drop. I am too.

Yes, I know I said it would be released on xyz date, but I forgot to tell you one thing – NWR is total madness.

And madness takes longer to edit. Actually, I don’t even think any human can properly edit NWR. We just have to do the best we can.

You’ll be glad to know that I have officially dropped off NWR into the hands of the Badmin. It is out of my hands and will be in your hands soon. 

Badmin has a huge task in front of him now – the total madness that is New World Ronin. 

You’ve read books before, I’m sure. I’m also sure you have never read a book like New World Ronin.

It is the mad professor’s handbook. Buy a notebook and a pen because you will want to take notes.

Actually, you will probably need a gigantic white-board for all the notes you will take. 

Talk tomorrow. In the meantime; jungle up, bring green trees and plants into your lab and prepare for war.



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From the desk of Badmin
Subj: Occasionally I get up from my desk just so the girlfriend doesn’t confuse me with the furniture.

I woke up today to an email from Victor. “Don’t worry about Skype.”

He was referring to our morning Skype state of the union session. The words were few but the message was clear – I’m in deep and don’t want to lose focus.

No skin off my nose. I have a laundry list of things that need to get done. It’s currently nearing 12AM here in the concrete jungle of Bangkok and I’ve been glued to my chair most of the day with no end in sight.

My girlfriend made breakfast for me this morning before she out headed to visit her mother. At 2:55PM a text message arrived. “Did you eat yet?” Honestly, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. Just a typical day working for B&D.

Meanwhile, 8,000 miles away I know Victor is battling through his own jungle, hacking and slashing away at his own words to create a clear path for B&D readers to traverse.

Another email arrives. “Just put in a solid 8 hours. The book just keeps getting better. Cannot use my thumb anymore.”

It’s deep into the AM in Los Angeles. He should be sleeping. I chuckle to myself as I remember him telling me that he’d sleep when he’s dead.

It’s been a long week and the battle isn’t over. In our Skype session the other day I lamented that this sounded like a week of hell and Victor replied by quoting Milton. I think I’ll end this post with those words.

“Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light.” – John Milton

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From the desk of Badmin
Subj: Where’s Victor and New World Ronin?

I’m the Badmin.

You’ve probably never heard me directly mentioned on B&D, but I’m the behind the scenes guy. I came on board Bold and Determined in 2013. 

I am tasked with maintaining this site and the creation and maintenance of several associated sites, e-books, launches. I even shot Victor Pride (most notably for the 30 Days of Discipline video).

A LOT has happened in the past 3 years and I’ve been in the thick of things for most of it. That is, until about a week ago….

When Victor Pride went missing.

Well, not physically missing. After getting word that the writing was done on New World Ronin, his sudden lack of communication wasn’t much cause for concern.

I knew EXACTLY where he’d be and what he’d be doing.


Any loyal B&D reader knows that the magic happens in editing. Right now Victor is in mad genius mode.

He’s hunkered down in his lab editing, editing, and editing some more…turning good into great.

I’ve been content to labor behind the scenes for years, but Victor is buried in his work and he’s asked me to stick my head out and introduce myself.

I will be answering questions and comments as much as I can (I still have work to do) so Victor can continue to stay focused on his work.

He will emerge when New World Ronin is the book it is supposed to be.

And what might that be, you ask? The truth is, I don’t know either. Only Victor knows.

I am almost as clueless as the rest of you. I’ve seen the tweets. I’ve seen his early notes. I’ve even seen his first few drafts.

But knowing Victor’s editing style, what I’ve read has been rewritten a zillion times over. I’m making no assumptions on what the book will be like.

What I can tell you is what I do know:

  1. He’s working tirelessly to get it into your hands.
  2. I’ve never seen him this excited about anything.

If I hear more I’ll be sure to share it.

Many people are excited about the Trump/B&D BBQ and keep asking about it in emails and comment. It WILL happen.

There are no specific plans in motion at this moment because New World Ronin has Victor’s full focus.

But he has said that the BBQ will happen so trust that it will. Please hold off on further comments and emails about it until an announcement is made.

In the meantime, Badnet is open for business and I am building blogs for all who want to start. 


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“I’m a calm man, I just want peace. All I want to see is trees and girls on their knees.” -Victor Pride, New World Ronin

New World Ronin, the new book by Victor Pride, is finished and it will be released this week. Exact date and time will be decided only by the Gods.

It will be released very soon, behind the scenes we must play the game of getting this book into your hands and your heart, and that is all we are waiting on.

New World Ronin is the book that nearly killed me. This is the book that tried to take my soul. But I outlasted, I went ghost and I blasted it out. My only purpose in life is to get NWR into your hands asap.

Thank you all so much for your patience. Thank you all for reading Bold & Determined. Thank you all for giving me purpose in life.


The ‘Rules of the War Room’ chapter in New World Ronin will be remembered for centuries. This is the war room that created New World Ronin. From the beginning to the end, this is what mad genius looks like.



Until next time.

Your man until the very end of time,

-Victor Pride, Shogun of the NWR

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The Japanese like to say: “Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.”

Victor Pride likes to say: “If you fail 55 years, try 56 years.”

What you’ll see below is a letter from a man who failed for 55 years and now has extreme regret.

Boo hoo, right? Actually, it’s a great letter and should be read by all. It gives you the most important lesson there ever was…



“I know all too well what it’s like to be 18 years old and feel like you’ve got the world by the tail, and all of the time it contains. Full of beans and only living for today.

When I hit 21 the party was just getting started. I’d get asked by family members and their friends what I planned to do with my life.

I was only living for the moment and I had no idea … didn’t really care, actually. They would all say, “Don’t worry. You’ve got PLENTY of time!”

That was a LIE. But it was all I needed to satisfy the discontent, anxiousness, and REGRET I’d already started feeling for the time I’d wasted.

Little did I know at the time that I was just getting started. I went for years drinking and partying my life away.

At age 27 I knocked up a girl I’d been screwing around with and was on the verge of dumping. I stuck around for the kid, but his mom and I were nowhere near a match.

I numbed myself to the situation I was in with alcohol, drugs, affairs, pornography, and masturbation. I hated my life, but it was the only one that I knew.

My wife and I had no shared interests and any projects I started in an effort to better myself and my situation got met with hostility by her.

I watched as our children seemed to grow up over night and have children of their own, all the while bouncing from one go-nowhere job to the next trying to make something stick.

I’m now 55 years old. No money in the bank. Go-nowhere inside sales/customer service job. And enduring the mid-life crisis from hell.

Regrets of the life I’ve wasted and the things I’ve done is all that I have. The mere weight of my regrets threaten to crush my very soul.

Right NOW is all that you have! Do NOT let anyone tell you that you “have plenty of time” to figure things out. It is a LIE born in the depths of hell itself.

There is NO TOMORROW. Tomorrow is an illusion. Five minutes from now is a fucking illusion! Hell, your next breath is an illusion!

RIGHT NOW is all that exists, and it requires IMMEDIATE ACTION! Do not end up like me. I’m a fucking loser. I watched my whole life go by waiting on tomorrow and it hasn’t shown up yet.

And you know what, unless I am able to muster the mindset and tenacity at this late stage in my life that it’s going to take, there NEVER WILL be a “tomorrow” for me.

I will die in some clinical environment, REGRETS heaped on top of me, an lucky if I have any family or friends there to bid me farewell.

Seem like a dark picture? It is! Think my life is the exception and not the rule? Perhaps mine is extreme, but the VAST majority of men out there are leading the proverbial lives of quiet desperation.

The VAST majority will die with their regrets haunting them until they draw their final breath. That is a FACT.

Determine RIGHT NOW not to be one of them! Then DO SOMETHING. Get off of you ass and get moving … NOW!

Do not throw your life away in your prime years and blame it on being “young and dumb.” My life is all the proof you need that being young and dumb can much too easily lead to old and stupid.

You do NOT want to end up with the weight of regret that I currently experience. It is a fate I would not wish on my worst enemy.”


Maybe I’m the only man ever lived that don’t care about your past, but I don’t.

All I care about is right now and tomorrow. I don’t dwell on someone’s past, I don’t even ask. I don’t care.

Whatever you did back then I don’t give a good goddamn. I only care what you do RIGHT NOW.

Many would boo-hoo, many would pity, many would mock this man, many would use his past as a cautionary tule.

I won’t. I already told you I don’t give a good goddamn about your past. The past? What’s that?

I just checked the clock and it’s RIGHT NOW, so I’d say wake-up unless you’re dead. (And if you are dead, then fuck off and die.)

If you’re alive and you’re 55 and you’re telling the tale then you ain’t dead yet.

If you’re telling the tale, warts and all, then that means you got heart and balls and that’s two out of three, all that’s missing is money.

Take your own damn advice and get started right now. If you got the courage and if you got a pulse then what are you waiting for?

The past is the past, it’s not here anymore. It’s right now, it always has been and it always will be.

I don’t give a good goddamn if you’re an old Lion or a young and hungry Lion, the clock stays put at RIGHT NOW.

And right now you can live a life worthy of a tale or you can live a life worthy of nothing. What’s it gonna be?


All the old Lions are invited to tell their tale in the comments section, good or bad I don’t care.

As long as you still got heart and balls you can tell the young guns whatever you want to tell them.

Even if you think you don’t have something to say, every old Lion on earth has one thing the young guns don’t have – wisdom gained from experience.

And to the young guns…

When you’re an old Lion, what’s your tale gonna be?

Until next time.

Your man,
-Victor Pride

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Imagine two people…

The first person does everything the right way, by the book, all the time.

The second person doesn’t do everything the right way. The second person just does whatever it takes to succeed.

Which of these two people do you think are going to succeed?

The person who does everything the right way by the book? Or the person who does whatever it takes?

Easy answer. The person who does whatever it takes, the second person, is going to get all the results.

Why is that? It’s because doing everything the right way is actually the wrong way.


If doing things the right way was actually the right way, then everybody would be rich, wouldn’t they?

Everybody tries to follow the same path going the “right way” but very few people succeed. The ones who do succeed always did it in a different way than what is taught.

You hear people say: “His methods are not the right way, but he’s getting results. I just don’t understand. His methods are wacky and out there. It’s not the right way. I’m doing everything the right way. And I’m not getting any results and he’s cheating and stealing all my results that I worked so hard for.”


Everybody follows “the right way” and they get nowhere. That should be obvious because everybody who succeeded did it out of the ordinary.

They did it outside of the box. They didn’t follow the stupid right way method that everyone else follows.

They just did what it takes to succeed and they got everywhere.

Those people, successes, are called “cheaters” by people who follow the right way. Cheaters succeed. Everybody who does things the right way does not succeed.


The right way is a delusion. It was designed by people who got nowhere and then they told you to do the same thing.

Unfortunately, many people still listen to what is the “right way” instead of listening to what is the correct way.

The right way pretends to be good and wholesome and ethical, but it’s an illusion. You either get from A to B or you don’t, you either get results or you don’t.

So how do you actually get results? Results come from doing what it takes! Results don’t come from following the plan and doing things the “right way.”

“I’m doing everything the right way and I’m not getting anywhere and that person is cheating and getting my results.”

The next time this thought pops into your head you can think about it like this: “Hmmm… maybe that person is doing things the right way and I’ve been doing things the wrong way this whole time.

Everybody knows what the “right way” is. But If it were truly the right way don’t you think you would see results? Don’t you think everybody would see results?

The only people who get real results are people who do things out of the ordinary.

If they’re successful it’s because they’re doing what works. They’re doing it the actually right way.

If you’re not successful it’s because you’re doing what doesn’t work.

The “right way” is only the right way to stay in the middle of the pack. To go straight to the top, you’ve got to do things the “wrong way” and do what it takes.

You’ll find that when you do what it takes, rather than what’s the “right way”, that it’s actually easy to succeed.


Ask Floyd Mayweather how hard boxing is. It’s as easy as breathing to him. To you it’s hard, to him it’s easy.

If whatever you’re doing is hard, you probably weren’t cut out for it and you’re probably wasting your time.

Seriously. If you find whatever you’re doing to be very hard, you’re in the wrong career.

They say “hard work and blah, blah, blah. Study hard, hard work. If it’s not hard it’s not worth it” but the people that say that are always unsuccessful.

Doing what you’re good at is not hard. It’s only hard for everybody else but you.

What you excel in is not hard. What you make your fortune in is not hard.

It’s tough. It’s grueling. It’s grinding. It’s constant. It’s draining. It’s tricky sometimes. It’s never‑ending, but it isn’t hard.

Just ask Floyd how hard boxing is. He’ll laugh.

Do what Floyd did: Stick with the one thing in your life that you excel at rather than jumping around to many different things that you fail at.


You have to find whatever it is that comes easy to you and then maximize it.

When you’re good at something, it comes naturally to you. It isn’t a chore and it isn’t hard.

If it’s hard for you to do, it’s not your number one thing.

That’s why I write, that’s why Floyd boxes and that’s why you should do the same thing – pick something that you excel at and stick with it.

But what about making money?

Here’s the secret to making a lot of money: You can make money doing basically anything, as long as you’re good at it.

All you have to do is be you. All you ever had to do was be you.

They money always follows talent. Just ask Floyd.

You just be you. I’ll be me. Floyd will be Floyd.

Everybody else will be busy working hard and doing things the “right way” and getting nowhere.

You’ll be too busy to care because you’ll be too busy getting somewhere.

When you get there, remember to give better directions to the next guy in line.

Until next time.

Your man,
-Victor Pride

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