The Krypto Report with Special Guest Andrew Anglin!

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January 7, 2017

Can you handle this much winning?

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get better, just when you thought we’d reached the peak level of winning that could never be surpassed, Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador has started a new show!

Iain Davis, aka Bigly Snout is co-host, and Caerolus Rex of Salting the Earth is our talented producer.

The Daily Stormer’s own Andrew Anglin was our fantastic guest for this maiden voyage!

The Krypto Report will air every other Friday on Intersectional Alt Right’s off week. Same basic formula: We record the show on Google Hangouts, so the raw live feed is available on our YouTube channel from 7 pm central until 9. Immediately after the formal show ends, we have a free-for-all and invite friends on for a live hangout that can last for up to six hours. On air day, I’ll probably post a meme contest or something similar on the Daily Stormer BBS, and readers who win and want to come on and hang out with us and that week’s guest will have that opportunity.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can set reminders for the live streams and watch supplemental material we will upload there.

The Krypto Report is a safe space for Stormers, so I hope to see you all there!


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