Hypergamy is a bitch

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Women who put their careers first seldom understand what they are doing to their relationship prospects:

How different her world is today. Kylie, 48, has just asked her struggling actor fiancé Joshua Sasse — who’s nearly 20 years her junior — to leave their (er, her) multi-million-pound West London home amid reports he has been cheating on her with a Spanish actress.

Kylie and Sasse have split amid reports he has been cheating on her with a Spanish actress. The idea of a tear-stained Kylie after the split is heartbreaking. For there has never been a greater proponent of love than her.

She has searched for decades to find Mr Right. And after doomed relationships with Donovan, the late INXS singer Michael Hutchence, model Andres Velencoso and French actor Olivier Martinez, she finally believed she’d found him.  Only last Tuesday, she was on ITV’s This Morning professing her love for Sasse, saying she’d change her surname to his when they married.

Kylie Minogue is a very successful actress and pop singer. She used to be very attractive too. Let’s review the list of public romances mentioned in the article.

  1. Actor
  2. Rock star
  3. Model
  4. Actor
  5. Actor

Can she REALLY affect surprise that she hasn’t found a man stable enough to marry her? This isn’t that hard. One would feel a similar lack of sympathy for a man who couldn’t figure out why the none of the various strippers, prostitutes, and porn stars with whom he’d been involved had turned out to be Mrs. Right.

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