How to Go From A to B in a Straight Line Instead of Going From A to A In a Circle

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From the desk of Victor Pride
Subj: The #1 absolute rule of success

The principles of success are always the same, and they all boil down to one thing.

Some call it the 80/20 principle (but I don’t agree with that, you’ll see why later).

Gary Keller, the mad genius behind Keller Williams Real Estate, literally calls it The One Thing

A fallen soldier named Chin-Ning Chu, the best female author to have written of success, called it Do Less, Achieve More

Victor Pride calls it going from A to B in a straight line instead of going from A back to A in a circle.

What is it? It’s the one true way you find success.

The way it works is very simple…

You have this much energy in a day: ___________.

You can use that energy for any thing or for many things.

The amount of energy you have is still the same no matter what you use it for.

If you use your energy mostly for one thing, you will be able to give most of your energy to one thing.

If you use your energy for many things your energy will be spread thin.

The decision to make it this: do one thing at your best or do many things at less than your best.

The amount of energy you have in a day is still exactly the same, this much: ___________.

What you can control is how you focus and channel your energy.

So let’s say you want to create something or you want to make a million dollars online, what’s the best way to do it?

Is it best to spread out your energy and work on multiple projects or is it best to give the bulk of your energy to one thing until that one thing is finished?

Unfortunately, and not for lack of trying, no one ever made a million dollars by spreading themselves thin and working on too many things at once.

Big money requires big energy and big money is always made the exact same way…

By focusing the bulk of your energy into one viable project.

Try as they might, the folks who jump from project to project never seem to get the fat payday they’re after.

Spreading yourself thin keeps the wallet thin. Focus and determination keep the wallet fat.

In this instance, fat wins and thin loses. Fat pockets are rockets to the next level. To get fat pockets, total focus is required.

Do you know the 80/20 principle? The 80/20 principle states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

I have found the opposite to be true when it comes to creating the work that pays. 

Think about it like this:

Put 80% of your daily energy into the most important project that will rocket you to the next level of success. Spend the remaining 20% of your energy on the extras.

Fat wins, remember? That’s why we use the fattest part of our energy (80%) to make our wallets fatter, and we do it in the only way that works…

By focusing on one thing at a time, to the detriment and the exclusion of all else.

I’ve found this rule of success to be true over and over.

Each time I expand focus, business slows. Each time I narrow focus, business grows, irrespective of time and frequency.

In my career, focus has always beat time and frequency. So what do I do?

I ignore time, I ignore frequency and I focus on doing the one most important thing I can do. I do that until the one thing is accomplished.

With focused energy and a step-by-step plan, it’s simply not possible to fail in the long run.

The only way to fail is to quit. What happens when you quit? 

When you quit, you start at A and you end up right back at A. Like a chicken with its head cut off, running around in circles.

What happens when you focus 80% of your energy, every single day, on one project with a single-minded determination?

You go from A to B in a straight line instead of always going from A back to A in a circle. 

And your pockets get fatter and fatter, just the way you like them. 

Success is easy if you just focus on getting from A to B before you think about getting to C, D, E, F and G.

Doesn’t matter what you call it. 80/20 principle, the One Thing, Do Less, Achieve More. All is same. 

It only matters that you get from A to B, and the way you get from A to B is by focusing the bulk of your energy on one project.

When you do, there is no limit for you.

A becomes B becomes C becomes Z before you know it…

But then again, that’s only if you don’t lose patience and try to do too much when all that is required is less.

On the other hand…

If you can eliminate the many and focus on the one, you can go from A to B in a straight line and make your pockets fatter than fat.

You see, it’s very easy to be a rich man…

If you just stick to the plan

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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