Social Grievance Jihadis Making the Ultimate Sacrifice–Cancelling Vacations In Iowa!

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From USA Today:

People are canceling their Iowa vacations because of Steve King’s words

USA TODAY NETWORK Kevin Hardy, The Des Moines Register

March 18, 2017

Commenter Kyle McKenna observes:

It’s 29°F in Dubuque right now. Gotta admire those ‘Social Grievance Warriors’ for the sacrifices they make, huh.

Iowa is the most pleasant-looking part of I-80 between South Pass, Wyoming and the Appalachians. My impression from roaring by on I-80 is that Charles Murray’s hometown of Newton is Peak Iowa Scenery.

On the other hand, I can also empathize with the character in a Jay McInerney novel who says: “I visited the Midwest once. There was nothing to see and nothing to keep you from seeing it.”

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