A Reader Explains What Life Is Like With Low Testosterone

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Reader _svd comments about the changes in his life after a tumor caused his T to crash.

I’m a guy who’ve been born with high T, got a benign tumor that plummeted my levels of both T AND E at my late teens, and only found out about it and fixed it 15 years latter.

Handsome, nice body, smart, charismatic, good sense of humor. High-earner from early 20s. Work 4 hours a day. Eastern European (so, tough upbringing).

From the list above, everything re work ethics does not apply to me – always was “get the shit done” kind of guy. Good high-flying career in small high-value businesses with no corporate BS. Never was afraid of applying or receiving violence (but then I’m EE). I’ve also got through STEM with no problems. Hate ballbusters and feminists.

That’s what 100% true:
* no sex attraction. At all. To the point of complete celibacy for years – no interest in girls. Function was there, and very decent (last for long, recharge fast, though enjoyed the foreplay more than actual sex), but quick fap felt better to release pressure. And that’s what sex was about: releasing pressure. Started dating out of sense of loneliness. Women had to initiate sex when she wanted it (they usually did, as on the outside I’m Mr. Right from romance novels).
* total blindness toward any signals from women. They just don’t register.
* no interest toward team sport. I love boxing though, and ran daily sparrings for a decade. No problem with being competitive or dominant in work setting.
* never owned a car (but you don’t really need one in Europe). Always was irrelevant to cars.
* good erection required fetish. Mine was D/s on D side.
* facial features softened (and started changing back surprisingly fast with T levels restored). No facial hairs at 30 (again, fixed with T – although it was convenient). No problem with nose, ears or other body parts.

One more: depression as a norm of life. Suicide intentions for years. That fueled passive attitude toward the world and may have been seen like weakness.

Ask questions if interested.

Other effects of low T on a nation’s men:

  • leftist politics
  • vocal fry
  • uptalk
  • esssra klein
  • manboobs
  • john scalzi
  • beta orbiting
  • grinding incel
  • male feminists
  • experimental homosexuality
  • bad taste in, well, everything
  • androgyny in look and attitude
  • cuckoldry and miscegenation
  • marathon running
  • carbface
  • interracial adoption
  • anti-trumpism
  • open borders
  • antifa
  • vidgya gaming-induced deep vein thrombosis
  • protruding nipples (very disrespectful)
  • anal play and anal play accessories
  • math class is hard
  • intersectionality
  • shia lapoofter
  • fake news
  • NPR
  • tranny “rights”
  • butt-kicking babes
  • equalism
  • haven monahan (and other fake rape fantasies)
  • patton oswalt
  • talmudic sophistry
  • barack obama
  • hypocrisy
  • disloyalty
  • snark
  • censorship
  • literal bending over backwards for invading hordes of higher fertility ingrates
  • social justice posturing
  • “toxic masculinity” (the irony)

As you can see, chronically low T on both the individual and societal level is almost entirely downside. Bullying decreases. Maybe you could call that an upside. I wouldn’t.


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